Advantages of MWK Biogas Systems

The state of the technology of Biogas Systems has developed rapidly in the last few years. On the one hand this concerns technical equipment and safety arrangements and on the other hand procedural and biological improvements of the fermentation process. The efficiency of a Biogas System does not exclusively depend on the degree of efficiency of the CHP, but also on the substrate utilisation and the gas quality.

The companies of the MWK Biogas group are some of the most innovative companies in the biogas industry. Over the years we have developed alternative methods to make the biogas plants of our customers run more efficiently and with even more independence.

Already in the system’s design and construction MWK Biogas focuses its main attention to these aspects. We have developed a Biogas System which guarantees at the same time a maximum gas yield and gas quality.

Our main USP is a complete, turnkey development up until the resulting construction of the biogas plants. From the initial idea to the planning until the start-up – all services come directly from MWK Biogas. If desired, even service and maintenance can come directly from the manufacturer MWK Biogas – even including system breakdown insurance.

You will benefit from our innovations: What distinguishes MWK Biogas systems from other biogas plants, you find out in the following categories.

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Biological advantages und Technological advantages