Biological advantages

Feedstocks – Input material analysis

For your feedstocks – for an ideal fermentation in your biogas system. Even difficult degradable feedstocks can be used for fermentation in your MWK biogas system.

Digester content – liquid – Digester substrate analysis

Here we can provide you with exact information, as we can access an extensive database that has been created by our partner laboratory. This database contains more than 100,000 manure analysis.

Digester content – dried – Digester substrate analysis

Often the question arises, is the fermentation process and the ingredients for it optimal? Which trace elements has the solid material in the fermentation? What is the organic dry matter in the fermentation? All these questions can be answered by the digester substrate analysis. Thus, you will receive a detailed compilation and overview of your fermentation.

Biogas digestate – Output analysis

Which nutrients contain my secondary raw material fertilizer from the biogas production?
Was the fermentation optimal, is there still potential available from the fermentation?

This can be determined by the output analysis, and thus the entire fermentation process can be optimized.

Bacteria technology - additives

By bacteria technology we are able to speed up biogas systems during the start-up phase. Furthermore, only very small amounts of cattle manure or pig manure is needed in the start-up phase. That means, for the example of a system with 1 MW el. only 1/5 up to 1/6 of the necessary manure is needed for the start-up phase.

This technology MWK Biogas has proven together with an analytical laboratory with many years of experience.
The use of trace elements as additives is already known from other suppliers. The technology we use ensures that the trace elements can be better processed in the biogas plant - with the help of supportive bacteria.

The accelerated start-up phase of biogas systems under the use of renewable resources using operating supplies is based on the following points:

  • Reduction of inhibitors during the hydrolysis phase
  • Simultaneous reproduction of microorganisms in the secondary digester or in a separate tank, based on the use of a small amount of manure. (< 1:10 of the total reactor volume)
  • Achievement of half load operation [10 - 13 kgoTM/(m3 d)] within 25 days by the use of trace elements and energy efficient reactions.
  • Achievement of half load operation within 35 days and of full load operation within 3 to 5 weeks.

Furthermore with our micro technology, we can use biodegradation-persistent or hardly available substrates for the fermentation in biogas systems. By the addition of bacterial strains not only will the material be optimally biodegraded, but the gas quality and volume will also be enhanced.

Thus, depending on the biogas plant, the feedstock can be reduced by up to
20 % for the same electrical maximum performance.*
* Depending on feedstock and design of the biogas plant