Technological advantages

MWK Biogas always uses the latest and technologically most useful innovations in the biogas sector.

We attach great importance to the functionality and the reduction of the internal power consumption. This will be ensured even in the design phase. Also that our finished biogas plants can always be operated optimally and economically by our customers.

From our developed process control system (PCS) optimal process controls can be specified. At the same time, all parameters of the biogas system can be accessed worldwide by secure internet access. Furthermore, the possibility exists to access these values even from a cell phone. As needed, the PCS can also transmit biogas values to you automatically. So you will always have the possibility to access your data.

From our design and development, maintenances like the maintenance of the stirring devices can even be carried out during the continuous operation of gas production. A shutdown of the CHP or the shutting off the gas supply is not necessary.

Furthermore, all processes are automated. From a central control unit all processes can be directly operated and analyzed. So working times can be reduced. A recirculation of the fermentation substrates and information on analytical values for each of the digestion tanks can be accessed via mouse-click or via touch panel directly from the control room.

The feedstock can be scheduled and automatically fed according to the quantity or weight and optimally for the fermentation process. Thus, the amount of work can be concentrated and limited to a few hours per day.

From our design and our use of technology feedstocks are optimally fermented. Thus, we achieve for most of the biogas systems built by us a very low dry matter content for the end product in the final storage. This gives you the certainty that the used and invested material has been completely fermented.