Nowadays agricultural businesses are more than ever dependent on sound business concepts. In most cases, one main economical pillar is not sufficient to provide a long-time future for an agricultural business.

Biogas Systems provide a further reliable income-source and naturally complements the master agricultural business plan.

No matter if livestock farming or arable farming – all organic materials of an agricultural origin and all farm manure can be transformed into Biogas. We can also show you solutions for a manure-free digestion of your input materials.

Good reasons for a further main pillar to your agricultural business:

  1. Produced electrical power will be fed into the public grid line upon legal or contractual obligations.
  2. Produced thermal energy will directly be used as process heat, delivered to extern heat consumers or fed into the next closest district heating network, for example.
  3. Produced and through the Biogas process refined digestate will be added to the natural ecological cycle by application on the fields. The manure quality clearly improves during the Biogas process and reduces the costs of expensive commercial fertilizer. Also an increase of plant growing productivity per hectare can be reached.

Conclusion: Biogas Systems create additional income sources from electrical power and heat sales, by production of high-quality digestate and by receipt of tipping-fees of accepted organic residual materials.

Initial situation without Biogas System Situation with Biogas System
  • High dependence of the farmer on product and raw material market, one-track operational concept
  • Power and heat for operation has to be bought
  • Nutrient purchase of artificial/commercial fertilizer
  • Unsure economical situation
  • Farmer’s increased independence from unsteady markets, alternatives for usage of substrate
  • Free energy for the entire establishment
  • Reduction of fertilizer costs by use of high-quality residual substrate
  • Stable income sources from energy and heat sale