We plan and construct turn-key industrial Biogas Systems for nearly all organic and persistent wastes of the food and to processing industry, as well as waste digestion systems specially customized to the customer’s requirements. Through our long time experience in this area we can develop and build up an optimal fermentation with an efficient system process.

Every week accumulate tons of waste products in production plants, whose disposal incurs costs or only generates minor revenues. With a biogas system these waste materials can be utilized more effectively.

Initial situation without Biogas System Situation with Biogas System
  • High, unused potential of quantities of waste material.
  • Seasonal varying of organic waste.
  • In general there is no direct connection to agricultural businesses.
  • High operating costs for disposal of waste.




  • Elimination of disposal costs for organic waste, as well as possible waste from an existing canteen.
  • Independence of the company from high electricity prices by using the CHP power.
  • Power input into the grid and revenues from it.
  • Use of the CHP heat (60 °C - 160°C) for the production and / or the heating of buildings
  • Revenues from sale of received carbon credits (depending on country)
  • Low effort in the operation of the system
  • Revenues from sale of fertilizer from the biogas system
  • Sewage treatment and an increase in the output of the biogas system by integration of the MWK algae technology
  • Governmental / public grants
  • Improved image

Here you can access a list of processible waste materials. (PDF, 89 kb)This list is just an extract from the variety of applicable substrates.

Furthermore we are offering concepts for a manure-free biogas digestion by addition of bacterial strains for optimal biogas revenues.

Through our long-term practical experience in the Biogas branch and also with knowledge in the digestion of unconventional input materials
we can develop for you an efficient system concept, suited to your specific initial situation.

As well as considering different opportunities for digestate treatment we will at the same time consider special hygienic requirements and treatment of ingredients. Besides current methods for separation and drying MWK Biogas is offering you further innovative alternatives for waste-water digestate cleaning in combination with algae technology.