Biogas systems

A biogas plant provides the production of biogas from biomass. In many cases this is manure or plant silage, which is fermented in agricultural biogas plants.

But also organic wastes of any kind from industry or waste industry are ideally suited for biogas production. As a by-product organic fertilizer is produced, which has a better quality than its chemical counterpart. The resulting gas is used locally in a cogeneration plant (CHP) to produce electricity and heat. Additionally a biogas plant saves CO2 under certain conditions, resulting in revenues from trading received CO2 certificates.

  • Manure
  • Renewable primary products
  • Organic wastes
  • Glycerines
  • Fats
  • Electrical energy
  • Thermal energy (60°C-160°C i.e. 140°F- 320°F)
  • Organic fertilisers
  • ggf. CO2-certificates






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