Electrical installations


3. Electrical installations

The basic equipment includes all power switches and low-voltage switch components which are necessary to operate the system.

For example, this includes fans, pumps, as well as any heating or heating-/cooling systems

Motors which are used are IP54 protected. In explosive areas, explosion-proof three-phase motors are used.
Central control and the complete power distribution system are located in cabinets and are installed on mounting plates. The cabinets are equipped with doors hanging on hinges.












All electric heating systems are controlled via contactless relays (zero voltage switching).

For drives with a variable rotation speed, frequency converters with high functionality and high dynamics are used.

All frequency converters are connected via Profibus to the controller.


3.1. Integrated process control (IPC)

The IPC provides a user-friendly, fully optimized and reliable system for the operation, control and regulation of the biogas units.

Industry proven construction is used for all components of the IPC system to achieve a high reliability.

In relation to the specific requirements of the biogas system, all IPC software will meet the latest state of the art requirements.

All drives are connected with the controller via profibus .