Customer service

Qualified customer service

With qualified customer service, we are talking about an integrated all around consulting service. This begins with the first customer contact and does not end with the completion of the biogas system.

The variety of our customer service includes several central functions:

  • Information of interest to the client
  • Income and asset analysis (if desired)
  • Demand oriented, individual project selection
  • Intensive consulting, construction and facilities-related, for all questions arising in association with the biogas system acquisition.

In principle, we offer each customer a technically competent, individual all around consulting with the appropriate risk assessment. MWK Biogas and its continuously trained, experienced and motivated employees are happy to comply to this claim in detail.

After a comprehensive analysis of income and assets we answer for example the question of profit and return or the implementation of specific customer objectives. Our specialists illustrate the results on the basis of a precise income statement. Based on the use of modern communication technology with our employees and partners, all customer-specific data will be processed in a precise analysis. Within a short time these results are presented to the client within the scope of an individual investment concept.

Conclusion: The companies of MWK Biogas group are also because of their consulting and support qualities the ideal partner for a biogas system acquisition.