Design & Realisation

A high-quality design and construction are service segments of central importance. They guarantee the greatest possible efficiency of a biogas system project.

Substantial safety determines the traditional basic expectation of the biogas system purchaser. Furthermore, a balanced architecture within constructional, technical and biological components plays an important role.

Therefore, we attach particular importance to the appropriate size of the plant, based on the demand, a harmonious integration into each individual environment as well as a deliberate choice of the construction commission and the materials to be used. Only if these requirements are met to our complete satisfaction, can we speak of an optimal design template.

To avoid long communication chains with the risk of delay and error, we have our own, highly skilled and flexible engineer office.

We know that only through a strong commitment in the planning area it is later possible to get a high quality product.

An active information and experience exchange between participating contractors results in increases of quality and success. Thus, for construction we only contract professional and established companies, who share the same company philosophy together with us and have already proven themselves in a previous collaboration with MWK Biogas.

As part of the project management the subsequent construction will be consistently monitored during all construction phases and corrected if necessary. This is always according to our higher than average quality standards that are – defined by us through our long term experience.

Conclusion: With numerous completed projects, we and our partners have a proven sustained expertise in terms of design, construction and conception utilization!