Location analysis

A suitable location

A careful analysis of potential project locations with all the available feedstock materials is a fundamental condition for the success of a biogas plant. It highly influences the efficiency and safety of the system.

Therefore, for finding a suitable location we are focussing on an analytically informed choice of local circumstances – combined with a specific assessment of demand. For future construction projects we are facing questions of primary assessment of demand.

Demand assessment

  • What is the economic attractiveness of the concerned region?
  • What are the future prospects arising in relation to their development?
  • What are the benefits of the biogas plant to the purchaser or user?
  • Which local, regional and national market situation are expected?

After a positive evaluation of the respective responses, begins the phase of detailed examination. We investigate a number of assessment criteria.

Assessment criteria

  • Long-term guaranteed feed-in tariffs
  • Heat recovery options
  • Land utilization, land productivity of feedstock
  • Livestock
  • Possible utilization of coferments
  • Transport routes
  • Emission control and pollution control
  • Country-specific legislation
  • Achievable yield
  • Breakdown of specific and customized demand segments

Our claim for high quality and safety standards for biogas systems requires a consequent analysis of all capabilities in relevance to the site assessment. Only then we are in the position to determine the ideal location for a new construction or an expansion project.

If location, quality and value of a biogas plant location are in accordance with our detailed list of requirements, the investment in a Biogas system can finally be started.